Control your excitement, Ladies and Gentlemen. As threatened in last week’s issue of Bankstone News, the commemorative video from last year’s Medieval Monkeys charity monkey-biking weekend is finally available for viewing.

You can personally view it now (in the unlikely event someone hasn’t banned you from accessing YouTube) simply by clicking here.

Otherwise you’ll just have to wait until you’ve got home, gathered your family around your internet-enabled smart giant telly thing, prepared a round of steaming hot cocoa-flavoured drinks, and prepared yourself mentally for total viewing pleasure.

So inspiring will you probably find this scintillating one-minute televisual presentation, that you are almost certain to wish to contact MM team leader Vic Tyson immediately to guarantee your participation in the 2014 event this summer.

Amazingly, you can do this too (via email) by simply clicking something. The thing you need to click in this instance is this thing.

In the meantime, sit back, settle down, stop fidgeting for a minute will you, and… enjoy!

MM2013 screenshot

Click on image above to view





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