Matt Oliver of comparators Gio Compario says he’s always tempted to “just drive away” when he bumps into other cars that have no one in them. But he says you shouldn’t do that, because it is against the law.

That’s what Matt says, but, Bankstone News feels bound to ask, in the light of revelations shortly to follow, whether anybody really pays the slightest attention to what Matt says.

Possibly not, because an important new survey commissioned by Gio Compario has revealed that six out of every 100 drivers openly admit to having “crashed into a parked car and driven away without leaving their details.”

Basically, what this means is that almost a half of all people who hit an unmanned vehicle simply scarper without so much as a second thought, amounting in aggregate to a whopping 1.7 million prang and runs!

Matt knows bumping can be traumatic. Just as if he’d opened the lid to your soul and read all your innermost thoughts and feelings, he reveals that: “Even a car-park bump with a parked vehicle can leave you feeling shaken, panicky and unsure of what to do.”

But when you find yourself in such traumatic circumstances, Matt has a little something that could help. It’s something called an ‘Accident Record’ and Matt says it can “help take some of the stress out of the situation”.

You can’t play it on a turntable or anything, but you can keep one of Matt’s ‘Accident Records’ in your car (they’re made out of paper) and then use it if you find yourself caught up in some kind of bump scenario to restore your inner calm and equilibrium by gathering and noting down a bunch of information your insurers will need to see whether or not they want to pay your claim and/or whether they can get some money off someone else.

Thoughtful, compassionate, understanding: these are the kinds of words that spring to mind when Bankstone News thinks about Matt Compario. Definitely one of the good guys!

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