Speaking candidly to Insurance Ague this week, Alley-Ants CEO Jon Dye expressed the brave hope that he will eventually see a return to sanity.

Not that he is mad himself, clearly. He just happens to hang out with a lot of mad people. And, you know, when you’ve seen a lot of crazy sh*t, it can’t help but change the way you look at things.

Far from being mad himself, Mr Dye is simply hoping that all those around him will somehow pull themselves back from the brink of unreason.

So where exactly is all this craziness taking place, if not round Jon’s place?

The answer is, of course (as extensively previouslied in Bankstone News), right across the UK motor insurance market, where, fueled by fulsome promises of claims-culture-busting from HMG, motor underwriters have lately embarked on an unprecedented spree of rate-slashing insanity, chasing one another down, down, and ever deeper down into the very bowels of bargain basement imbecility.

“We are not going to chase the market down when it looks to be overly-aggressive,” Insurance Ague quotes Dye as saying, adding the word “cuts” to the end of this sentence for no apparent reason.

Now, those hardly sound like the words of some kind of raving lunatic, do they. Even if he did actually bark out the word “cuts” at the end, like a verbal tick or Tourette’s erruption, that would hardly constitute anything worse than mild eccentricity.

And just in case Alley-Ants shareholders of a particularly nervous disposition need any further reassurance as to Die’s mental stability (above and beyond his firm’s 12% improvement in operating profit and its perfectly respectable 95.7% COR), he maintained firmly that: “I don’t know who is out there indulging in the craziness. Somebody is doing it, but it ain’t us.”

Aside from neglecting to add the words “honest, guv” and rather unfortunately opting to use the word ‘ain’t’ which is properly the preserve of ancient bluesmen, Western cowboys and old rockers/vicars who were teens when term was first invented, Mr Dye surely speaks like one of perfectly sound mind.

Meanwhile the true culprits remain at large.



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