Earlier this month Bankstone honcho numero uno DeShawn Tizer was the proud recipient of a freshly printed pack of business cards resplendent in the highly impactful new livery that distinguishes the firm he heads for also-ran professional claims handling outfits.

Ever since they arrived, he literally hasn’t stopped showing them off to anyone he succeeds in waylaying (and he’s a highly accomplished waylay artist, btw). More excitingly still, if such a thing is possible, with Bankstone’s new identity now coming tantalisingly close to total implementation, new exterior signage for the company’s prestigious HQ at Dole House, Amputage Road, Brickhouse is due for delivery any day now. And, yes, don’t worry: we’ll be bringing you pictures of that as well!

In the meantime, just take a look at this card (pictured fore and aft below) and try telling Bankstone News you’re not at least half-way eaten up with envy! Pretty damn fine, isn’t it. With not one but two Flat Cinquecentos on the front and  Erica Dullwater’s iconic  Road to Nowhere  print on the reverse, what is not to like!

It’s the type of card – even if they have saved a couple of quid by shaving off the corners – that deserves pride of place in any self-respecting Roll o’ Decks. Perhaps you have it in yours! If you do you’re in luck…

The first seven people to send in a pic of DeShawn’s new card in their RollerDucks, or on their desk or wherever they’ve put it (no, Derek Aubrey of Greyshaft Advanced Meat Recoveries, not there), will be entered in a draw for an all-you-can-eat voucher for two at Brickhouse’s prestigious Taste of Gandhi South Asian Luxury Dining Experience (Mondays only, excludes chicken, prawn and beef dishes, drinks extra).

So what are you waiting for (if it’s not a personal question): get snapping and ping your pics off to [email protected]. (Keep yours, Derek, thank you very much). We are sorry we cannot return your pictures.

Good luck!



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