Feedback from Insurance Endurance 2017 was universally rapturous.

With the words “Again, again”, still ringing annoyingly in their ears, the organisers have already agreed to re-stage the whole extravaganza (only, if anything, even bigger and better) in 2018. Details of the selected date will be circulated via Bankstone News and other reputable organs of incontrovertible truth at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you were there, we would welcome any additional feedback or suggestions you might wish to share on how the best could be made even better. Should we, for example include a children’s petting zoo, offer badger-oil rubs, or maybe get a mariachi band along next year? Please let us know your thoughts (unless doing so could put us in an awkward position when your outrageous and licentious behaviour subsequently results in your arrest and trial).

In the meantime, we thought you would appreciate us leaving you with this cut out and collect image of Bankstone supremo Defcon Tesco taking time off his duties demonstrating the curvature of timespace at Ilkley’s leading science and technology exhibit “That’s Bl***dy Amazing, That” to pull on his helmet and put in a few desultory laps in the Team Bankstone kart.


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    Friendly staff who first was concerned about me (the policy holder)following an accident prior to taking vehicle details, which was nice
    Mr. C - Bury