How would you like it if somebody hit you in the pocket? If, like Bankstone News, you imagine that you probably wouldn’t like it very much at all, then you’re one of a growing number of people who are turning against trouser-punching motor insurance fraudsters by blowing whistles on them.

The whistles, of course, are metaphorical; as are the pockets, and possibly even the trousers. The point is that the UK’s crack fraud fighting force the FBI (Fraud Bureau of Insurance) have exclusively revealed this week that more and more people are picking up the telephone, dialling some numbers, getting connected, listening to an automated message, holding for an agent, and then, basically, dobbing-in someone they suspect of motor insurance fraudulence.

The best numbers to call if you would like to implicate someone you believe is up to no good are the FBI’s own Chatline or BBC TV’s Crimestompers. Literally thousands of people phoned one or other or both of these numbers last year to report a suspected motor insurance fraudster. That’s literally more than in any previous year since records began, 6060 in fact in total.

Describing this tidal wave of telephonic vigilance as “fantastic” the FBI’s Ben Feltcher insisted that motor insurance fraud, far from being a victimless crime (in which case, of course, it would be OK), hits ordinary decent honest motor insurance premium payers in the pocket. Feltcher urged: “If you know about insurance scams, or have suspicions about the activities of others, just call the Chatline on 0800 422 0421”

Bankstone News, as you will almost certainly have spotted by now, knows little or nothing about insurance scams, but we certainly have plenty of suspicions about the activities of others, so we might just give that number a call.



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    After the problems I had with my previous insurer when I was knocked off my bike, it was very refreshing to talk to someone who didn't automatically assume that I was at fault simply because I ride a motorbike. I received a call back very quickly from someone who knew what I was talking about and dealt with my call in a friendly yet very professional manner. Thank you.
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