March 22, 2015

Astonishing new research from insurer Direct Lime has revealed that, contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly safe to drive your car on Friday 13th.

Having two Friday the thirteenths in quick succession this year has allowed Direct Lie to crunch literally vast amounts of data to reveal that you are actually less likely to be involved in a motor accident on Friday 13th than on, for example, Thursday 12th!

There’s another myth busted, then.

In fact, it seems people crash less often on Friday the thirteenth than on any other day.

So, what could account for the mysteriously low number of claims-generating incidents “notified to insurers” on the day known simply as F13?

Opinions vary. Some suggest there are fewer claims because everyone is really superstitious and therefore being extra careful on such days (or simply staying at home with all the doors and windows locked). Others believe that 13 may actually be a lucky number, or only unlucky for CMCs, body shops and ambulance chasers.

And it’s not just in your car you’ll be safer on the supposedly ill-fated 13th day of the month. Home insurer Policy X Spurt confirms that household claims are less of a problem on Friday 13th than on other days. Perhaps that’s because stay-at-home triskaidekaphobics have indeed locked all the doors and windows.

On the downside, if you don’t lock the doors on the thirteenth day, or if you leave a window open with a net curtain wafting invitingly in the cool evening breeze, or if you park up for a snog or a wazz or something in a dark country lane, then there’s an 80% chance you’ll be savagely, suddenly, and brutally murdered by some bloke with knives for fingers.

If you’re lucky.

Today is Friday the 13th

Terrible Accident Day: just a myth


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