The average biker can expect to have a motorcycle accident roughly once every ten years. That means most bikers end up making multiple insurance claims during their biking careers.

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Most drivers will end up making multiple insurance claims over the course of their lifetimes. When you've had a claim well handled, it's likely you'll be keen to have the same people handle the next claim you make as well.

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Commercial Motor

Bankstone offers an outstanding claims handling service for fleet operators. Accidents involving your fleet vehicles inevitably bring unwanted expense, and the longer your vehicles are off the road, the more it will end up costing you.

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Bankstone provides a range of claims related services to direct customers, allowing them to benefit from our specialist experience and expertise in handling motor insurance claims. If you need to make a motor claim, we’re always happy to offer some free advice up front and to help in any way we can.


Ask Ciindy…

The Chartered Insurance Institute’s new website Ask Ciindy aka ‘Insurance Made Simple’ is now online. The website’s aim is “Providing simple, impartial answers to your insurance questions” – and is designed for members of the public to search for answers for their Insurance related queries. In their own words…“We’ve developed the Insurance Made Simple website to provide easily accessible and straightforward information for customers wanting to learn about insurance, even down to specific questions, such as ‘how is my premium spent?’ Our aim is to show that the insurance profession is increasingly making insurance as clear and simple as possible – encouraging greater consumer confidence.”

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