If you want the real story straight from the PR firm’s mouth you’re always best off turning to the local papers. This very week for example Bankstone News learned from the pages of leading Yorkshire news organ The Press that there was “Delight as legal firm Minster Law is taken over”.

It seems York-based law firm Minster Law has been acquired by the BGL Group, an arrangement that will “allow it to retain its independence while benefiting from the corporate strength of the larger financial services group.” Reading on we discovered that Minster Law “is regarded as a particular specialist in personal injury cases resulting from road accidents” and has handled more than 40,000 personal injury claims in the last financial year.

BGL chief exec Pete Winslow told The Press (via the medium of press release) that: “The acquisition of a successful law firm is an important and positive move for BGL and one that is key to our ongoing success.”, adding that there were “clear synergies between the two companies.”

Minster Law bloke Adrian Christmas said something vaguely similar. All in all, it’s easy to see why everyone in York is so delighted about the deal. Nice to see a genuinely positive good news story for a change.

But some people don’t want to her good news. Some people are only interested in much raking cynicism and smear. Thus it was that insurance trade publication covered the same story with the sneakily insinuating headline “BGL CEO Winslow denies ABS move is linked to referral fees.” From now on Bankstone News will sticking to proper newspapers where they don’t have sensationalising journalists crawling all over the news!



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