Bankstone News readers will doubtless be totally stoked to learn that we have some proper news about Bankstone and associated commercial enterprises for a change in this week’s edition. “What news is that, Bankstone News?”, we hear you ask. Why, it’s this news:

Deal sees various things happen

A deal (hereinafter knows as “The Deal”) has been sealed that sees Sue Carnwell and Mark Bellfield, respectively Financial Director and Head of Catastrophic Injury/ Large Loss of TS Group Ltd, take shares in TS Group Ltd.

Not content with seeing that alone, The Deal also sees TS Group Ltd CEO Rachel Stow increase her shareholding in TS Group Ltd.

Yes, but what is TS Group Ltd?

TS Group Ltd was set up last year when Thorneycroft Solicitors became an Alternative Business Suture (ABS), allowing it to be owned by people who are not lawyers.

Along with comprising Thorneycroft Solicitors Ltd, TS Group also has a majority share in full-service accident management company Bankstone (Yay!), and specialist PI brands Claimant Law and Cycle Assist, as well as funding provider OnClaims and rehabilitation facilitator CMS.

Rachel: diversity spearheader

Over the past two years, spearheaded by solicitor Rachel Stow, TS Group Ltd has diversified into other areas beyond its motorcycle injury heritage, by growing practice areas in private client, commercial, conveyancing, family, lasting powers of attorney, wills and probate, and employment.

Evolving towards cohesion and complementarity

Rachel Stow says the changes reflect the latest stage in the evolution of Thorneycroft Solicitors: “We’ve come a long way from that of a north-west motorcycle injury specialist into a cohesive group of complementary national businesses.

Destiny masters

“We’ve made no secret of the fact that we intended to change and grow in response to the market and, ultimately to become masters of own destiny,” says Rachel.

Fresh dimension

“Adding Sue Carnwell,” Rachel says, “an experienced finance director from outside the sector, brings a fresh dimension to our board.”


“Mark Belfield,” she also says, “has been instrumental in the success of our business for over 17 years,” and has helped create “a strong structure for the future.”

Real appetite

“We have a real appetite for growth,” Rachel says. The Deal shows that all five owners of TS Group Ltd have confidence in the continued growth of the group of businesses, paving the ways for more innovation, more growth, more diversification, and more of all the kinds of things it’s good to have more of, basically.

All good

All of which, Bankstone News can only assume, is extremely positive news for full-service accident management company Bankstone, who are now in a stronger than ever position to play their own unique part in the ongoing process of innovation, growth, diversification and so on, just as you would expect.

Watch this space!



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