Confusion reigns over what’s gone wrong with confused.com’s ad campaigns of late. The confusingly named comparison site contributed an unsightly blemish to the otherwise handsome results posted by parent company Admiral this week.

Where once an attention-grabbingly quick-cut shouty man shouted about how confusing finding cheaper car insurance was and how confused.com could make it less confusing for us, faux-reality idiots now blather forgettably about how they bought some insurance online whilst remaining apparently clueless.

Surprisingly, confused.com were surprised their ads made so little impression and – on the back of a 20% fall in profits – are now having a little rethink.

“Confused has responded quickly,” a spokesperson claimed, “pulling back on TV spend in the middle of 2010 in advance of rolling out a new campaign in the second half of the year.”

Certainly the ads are duds, but maybe the problem runs brand-deep. Maybe now we take comparison for granted, the whole ‘insurance-for-dummies’ style confused thing has run its course and just sounds naff and patronising.

Just a thought.


    What our clients say about us

    Yes - the operator, Stacey, was able to answer my questions quickly and clearly for what is a process completely new and alien to me. At no point did I not think I had the full backing of my insurance company for what is turning out to be a stressful and traumatic time for me.
    Mr. B - Peterborough