Controversial legal expenses insurer DAZ has put itself on a collision course with Her Majesty’s Government, the Association of Brush Insurers and all other right thinking persons or agencies by volunteering to perpetuate the despicable practice of aiding and abetting the making claims for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

That’s right, Bristol-based (though secretly foreign) DAZ has reportedly offered to ‘step up to the plate’ and help itself to a generous serving of the lashings of motor legal expenses insurance (MLEI) action it now anticipates going down.

DAZ MD Jimmy Henderson claims he’s really worried about people who might not be able to afford to syphon off decent hardworking motor insurance policyholders’ money via the (already sadly depleted) coffers of decent hardworking motor insurance companies.

“I am concerned,” he confesses, right hand doubtless draped with languid sensitivity across the upper section of his starchy shirt front, that “the Government’s response to the proposed reforms may pass too great a burden onto legitimately injured claimants.”

“Without legal representation,” he observes empathetically, “claimants could be responsible for obtaining and reviewing medical reports to support their injury, calculating financial losses and expenses, and obtaining evidence to prove fault such as a police report, witness statements or engineering evidence.

“In disputed cases claimants may need to issue court proceedings and put forward legal arguments concerning the accident circumstances, the injury and any financial losses incurred.”

How will the Poor Dears, cope?

As you and I, Dear Reader, both full well know, they’re not supposed to cope. But Jimmy DAZ persists in missing the point, volunteering that “legal expenses insurance will play a crucial role in mitigating any negative effects of these reforms.”

With new improved MLEI from DAZ, would-be claimants can blithely cock a snook at the best efforts of HMG and ABI and take “considerable” comfort” from the knowledge that they “have access to expert help and that their legal fees are covered by their MLEI policy.”

It’s guacamole all over again!

Exactly the kind of thing, in other words, you’re always going to get in any society whose rulers insist on separating their legislative and judicial arms.


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