One of the highlight’s of top karting event Insurance Endurance 2017 was the F1 Challenge racing stimulator laid on by sponsors Ignite Systems. This gave individual competitors an opportunity to fill in some of the endless hours of waiting around (the ones not filled by wolfing bacon butties, coffee etc and hobnobbing with the great and the good of the insurance world) by attempting to record the fastest lap time on a highly realistic Formula One race stimulator.

As the image above confirms the person to achieve this feat was the oddly named Douche Mackinlay who achieved an impressive stimulation score of 47.576. Congratulations Douche! But what about you, Dear Reader? Could you do better? Or are you just kidding yourself as usual. Oh, I could do that if I wanted to? Is that what you’re doing? Well, come along next year and find out for yourself. It’s the most fun you can have in a stationary bucket seat (see below) and you’ll be helping raise funds for charity while you’re at it.


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