January 9, 2015

Welcome to Bankstone News 2015, Dear Readers, and a very Merry New Year to all of you!

Yes, here we go again. Another year, another something else, complete sentence.

As vintage a year as 2014 undoubtedly was for Bankstone News, a number of readers did gently suggest that it might be nice to read something true in these stories occasionally.

Eager to oblige as ever, we’ve decided to kick off the new year with a story which, whilst quite blatantly a shameless puff piece for our glorious sponsors, leading outsourced claims handlers Bankstone (Limited) has the rare and precious merit of being almost entirely true, authentic, reliable and unadulterated.

Definitive proof that outsourced claims handlers are not just for Christmas reached Bankstone News this week with the receipt of another glowing set of customer comments forwarded to Bankstone by one of its clients (a leading motorcycle and motor vehicle insurance provider who shall remain nameless from reasons of anonymity).

The customer, a motorcyclist young enough to employ the word ‘dude’ as a term of address in written communication, gave their claims handler 10 out of 10 on a complete set of attributes including attitude, knowledge, helpfulness, overall satisfaction, dudesomeness, bodacity, and awesomeness (possibly not those last three).

The claims handler, the customer said, was “infromative” (like informative only better, we think, cf. active/proactive), “helpful” and “reassuring”.

“I was asked for my details once,” he said, “rather than the 20 times you normally have to give them, and things moved along fantastically fast.”

Standout service, in this instance, helped secure a new longterm customer and advocate fro Bankstone’s client. “I have a short term policy with you guys,” the customer revealed, “as my renewal was over xmas, so I was moving the expense away from that expensive time of year. I was planning on returning to my old brokers in March for a full year fully comp policy, but after this I think I will be staying with you guys as your staff are the best I’ve encountered over the 16 years I’ve been riding.”

Satisfied customer had some special words of thanks for the claims handler he spoke to: “To the person who dealt with me, I would like to thank you. Whilst having a broken arm, bruised ribs and a bike in pieces, you really put me at ease, so cheers dude. I look forward to receiving a great deal and more awesome service when my renewal comes up.”




What our clients say about us

After the problems I had with my previous insurer when I was knocked off my bike, it was very refreshing to talk to someone who didn't automatically assume that I was at fault simply because I ride a motorbike. I received a call back very quickly from someone who knew what I was talking about and dealt with my call in a friendly yet very professional manner. Thank you.
Mr. L - Westcliff on Sea