Since HMG got serious about cracking down on premium-dodging motorists and ANPR cameras got good at spotting uninsured vehicles (thereby affording the few remaining traffic cops the welcome prospect of a quick and easy kill), car crushing firms (and vehicle auctioneers) have been living in a era of plenty. But times could be a-changin’ ‘fore too long.

If like Bankstone News you’d naively assumed that HPI’s CrushWatch initiative was an initiative aimed at nothing more complicated than the simple pleasure of watching cars getting crushed, you probably need to join us in revising your assumptions.

It turns out that HPICW has borrowed an umbrella from the Florida Libraries Association or the Azores Liberation Front or someone and is using it to identify seized vehicles that are rightfully the property of leasing companies and SAVING them from being crushed. Yes, we know: it is confusing!

The bottom line, however, is that CrushWatch has been doing pretty well with its borrowed umbrella, from beneath which it has been rescuing uninsured vehicles worth around £8m a month! According to HPI industry relations head Barry Shortass CrushWatch is playing a key role in clamping down on overzealous clamping down by APNR toting road cops and saving car lenders shedloads.

Which is all well and good, Bankstone News supposes. But you have to admit there’s something to be said for the old crush-first-ask-questions-later approach. And for those who still prefer the good old fashioned fun of watching a “classy” BMW getting mashed up by a grabber and a squasher, here’s a reminder of happier times.



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