What with the news always being so gloomy and boring these days, it’s nice to have something just plain positive to report.

Bankstone News was delighted to learn this week (or was it last week – we’re not a time-sensitive publication, you know) that Claire Longman, who is technically leader of South-West based insurance purveyors Cornish Mutual, has attained the ultimate rung in the insurance-knowledge game by joining the Fellowship of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CIA).

This is not some ad hoc informal fantasy thing like the Fellowship of the Ring, nor indeed a spirit-empowered community advancing the kingdom of God like the Fellowship Network, a novel by Franz Kafka, or a town in Florida.

No, indeed. It’s something where you have to pass exams and everything to prove both your total mastery over the arcane arts of insurance and that you’ve once and for all foresworn and abjured the dark side through an absolute personal and professional commitment to Ethical Practice.

Claire can now add the initials FoTCII after her name, and the affix the honorary title Lady Fellow before it, should she so choose. But she’s probably far too modest to insist on such formalities.

A true Cornwalldian, having grown up in Truro more than 15 years ago, Claire Longman travelled the land (mostly its Southeasterly parts) in search of insurance experience before returning to her home country, where she quickly found herself at the forefront of developing offerings for the mutual insurer’s members.

Certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas – none of these hurdles in the leastly daunted Claire on her path to insurance mastery. And now at last the ultimate accolade is hers. And thoroughly well deserved it is too.

Congratulating Claire, CornMut MD Alan Goddard called her election to the fellowship “testament to her commitment and the depth and breadth of her expertise,” adding that “for our Members, these accreditations give peace of mind, showing that we have the best people who really understand insurance.”

No doubt there will be accusations that all this knowledge makes Claire some kind of ‘expert’ or that joining the Fellowship marks her a member of the ‘elite’. Nonsense, we say here at Bankstone News. Insurance is a subject about which a person simply cannot know too much.

So let us simply say: Congratulations Claire!


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