Now don’t get Bankstone News wrong or anything. Fair play. We like a foreigner as much as the next person. Some of our best friends are not convicted members of the NF or BNP or UKIP or whatever they’re called now. And far be it from us to go around saying the unsayable. As it that were even possible!

But… is it just us, or has anyone else noticed that the names of a lot of these crash for cash/ghostbroking/motor insurance fraud type people don’t exactly sound very, well, English?

Like, for example, what sort of a name is Cefn Hengoed? Eh? Or Byron Yandell? Bankstone News will tell you exactly what sort names those are. Those are the kind of names by which are known the various members of the net-bulging record-breaking haul of 86 alleged fraudsters who will be going to trial at Newport Crown Court over the coming weeks, accused of “mounting bogus or faked accidents” and making fraudulent claims.

Let’s face it: even that notorious Ali Baba Gang only numbered 40, i.e. less than half as many as the Yandell Boys. So numerous are these exotically named suspected ne’er do wells, that they’re being tried in batches, six or eight at a time, suggesting that there will be between 11 and 14 separate (if probably somewhat repetitive) trials in all.

By the time that’s over, there could be between 132 and 168 former jury members in the Newport area minutely versed in the intricacies of motor insurance fraud.

Who knows where that could lead.



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