Clearly stung by widespread criticism of gratuitously bouncy boobage in its recent ads, Confusing.com has decided to adopt a new avatar (i.e. ditch the string-haired sex-change stripy-topped lass) and have a bit of a re-brand.

It would be hard to contest the proposition that Confusing.com’s branding has become a bit, well, confusing of late, so a bit of a refresh was clearly in order. In search of something a bit more mature, serious and up-to-the-minute, the firm has opted to appoint WALL-E, the haplessly lovable robotic hero of the eponymous 2008 Disney-Pixar movie.

Resprayed in a cool contemporary palette and re-christened Brian, Mr E will help Confusing.com to distance itself from the fundamental flaw in its branding: its inherent associations with confusion, confusity and confusedness in general.

“When we think of a robot we think of something that is full of knowledge,” says Confusing.com marketing director Jobby Rustler, revealing a somewhat confused idea about how robots work. The firm, Mr Rustler reveals, now wants to portray itself – not as something confused or confusing or with big bouncy bosoms and a soul diva for a best mate – but as an ‘uber-helpful’ insurance expert.

“Our brief was to create something a bit more grown up,” says Thompson Brand Partners creative director Ian Thompson, diplomatically of the new confusing.com logo, which reverts to the traditionally conservative insurance industry palette of blue and white and relegates the dot.com bit of the name to a separate thought bubble – which (like Brian’s almost-the-same-as-brain name) is meant to suggest cerebrality.

If you don’t want to see the first TV ads featuring Brian the Robot, you’ll need to pause or record Britain’s Goat Talent this weekend and fast forward through the ad breaks with your eyes half closed. Or not bother watching it at all and have some proper fun instead. Just a crazy thought!


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