Congratulations to Cathy Galvin URL Manager at Thorneycrofts of Macclesfield who pipped a host of others to clinch first prize in our recent photo caption competition.

Not content with verbal inventiveness, Cathy created the caption image pictured below using (we think) some form vintage desktop publishing software dating from the late Twentieth Century (the kind where the full stop key sometimes sticks).

Cathy wins a FREE lifetime’s  sentence to Bankstone News, plus the Gourmet Spam Bap Surprise of her choice from Kylee’s of Manningham*.

Hard luck to all the runners up, who included Dale Peakley of Trevor Smith Cement who suggested “Grunt. Swoon. Mr T, your abs are simply fab!” and Kelly D’Lacey of Borterington Stanley Leisure who proposed “Chuffed Tysoe congratulated by vaguely familiar females after winning coveted Yellow Daisy for most oysters eaten in a single afternoon.”

But, sadly, as they say, there can only be one winner and that winner is…

It’s Cathy Galvin.

Did we mention that before?

Bankstone Caption Comp

* Please apply directly by calling Kylee’s on 0207 734 8040 and saying in a loud clear voice “Bankstone, Bankstone, Bankstone! I’m calling to claim my bap!”


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