What a fabulous response we had to last week’s humorous messages unwittingly spelled out by three letter abbreviations of competing football teams competition!

Sadly most of your entries so far have been disturbingly misconceived, utterly unfathomable, and/or otherwise unpublishable. The hunt for a winner continues.

Some of your suggestions could clearly never arise in any league or cup known to man. We’ve tried to be lenient about this. Why after all should a friendly between Bolivia and Locomotive Moscow be deemed irretrievably beyond the realms of plausibility?

But even Bankstone Readers should surely be aware of the unspoken rule that forbids Arsenal from playing home games against a long list of teams including Lichfield, [deleted], [deleted], [deleted] and [deleted].

Some were gently amusing and entirely conceivable (Kings Lynn v Keynsham, anyone?) Others stepped up boldly towards the line delimiting the bounds of acceptable rudeness. Felixstowe and Walton United v Chelsea? That would be quite a cup run, though, wouldn’t it, and we didn’t understand that one anyway. So no dice Mrs P Funk of Henby Kirtlage.

We had a number of entries suggesting a fixture involving Wanstead and Kersall, which seems a tad strong. Banstead versus Kersall, however, is clearly going too far. So I’m afraid, Mr Montgommery J. Tench of Unthank, Northumberland (do they have a football team?), you will certainly not be receiving our top prize (a semi-freshly pulled pint of Mild AF).

So there you have it: still up for grabs. Come on your blighters: get suggesting or we’ll have to carry on writing these stories ourselves. And, let’s face it, that’s hardly in anyone’s best interests, is it!



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