Have we got some stories for you!*

Brace yourselves, Readers. It’s going to be an action packed next few weeks here at Bankstone News. There is literally so much top quality news in the pipeline that we’re almost too excited to tell you about it. Almost. But not quite.

For starters we have some good news about our recently appointed replacement motoring correspondent Davey Simm. He’s been released from hospital (where, he tells us, he made good use of his time re-reading all 12 Poldark novels so he can live-pause Sky and explain to his folks where the TV series differs from the novels).

Davey will be back with a bang sometime during the next couple of weeks (he’s just spellchecking his report apparently) as he tests the hell out a car belonging to – get this – the chief executive of Europe! Why on earth, Bankstone News can’t help wondering, has no one mentioned Davey’s name in connection with the vacant Clarkson slot of Top Gear? Especially now he has the use of both legs again!

Then we have lots of exciting things to tell you about the forthcoming Mountain Monkeys round-Yorkshire monkey bike charity ride. Such as – just a taster, mind – how the Bikesure Boys have officially confirmed their entry of a four-strong team. Bikesure’s back, Oh yeah! Plus: we’re hoping to be able to bring you an-in depth photo story spread on Mike “Shopper” McMillan of BLD’s new steed. No guarantee it’ll have a tartan saddle this time, sadly.

Also in that bulging pipeline we have exciting news about Bankstone’s new Extranet service which brings brokers a whole new level of informational unprecedentedness, giving them an insight into the handling of their claims of which they could surely only have dreamed back in the early 1970s, for example.

Want to know more? Tough. You’ll have to come back in a week or two’s time, when all will be revealed.

So be sure to check your in-box/trash folder regularly or you might miss all this (see above) and much much more exciting news-bits that are sure to set your heartbeat racing and your brain cells buzzing with pulsating electrochemical delight.

* Technically: no, not this week.


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