January 6, 2015

Insurance Ache’s new Swedish reporter Axa Idling reports this week that the Competitors and Meerkats Authority (CMA) plans to publish the final version of its Pirate Motor Insurance Market Investigation Order 2015 (PMIMIO15) in March this year, following a period consultation concluding on Feb 6.

What’s to be in it, you’re probably agog to ascertain. Well, lots of extremely fascinating things, you can be pretty damn sure of that. PIMMIO15 will explain just exactly how the C&M people plan to implement tough new measures to curb corporate naughtiness in the PMI space.

Not only, Insurance Ache reveals, will PIMPIO15 set out “information requirements for insurers and aggregators towards customers” but also “requirements for monitoring and compliance for insurers and aggregators by the CMA.” So, that’s one more highlight to look forward to in 2015.

To put this latest CMA bombshell in perspective, Ms Idling recalls that when the Authority’s original PIMP report was published back in September it received a “mixed response” but was generally considered to be “good news for brokers”.

So that’s alright then.



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