Well that’s it for another week, and for that matter another year.

As Bankstone News hammers out the last few weary characters of this week’s jauntily inadequate edition, Bankstone’s three directors (like the Three Tenors only less formal and less rotund) have already left the office and are on the Bleaktree Bus heading back across Bankstone Peak to the groovy 60s bachelor pad in Wibblydale that they call home (see photographic evidence below).

By the time you read this, they’ve probably put on bold stripey shirts and wandered over to the Elven Maid, where they’ll be tucking into three foaming pints of Pertwhistle’s Pride, with a side order of pork scratchings, and warming up for the endless round of skittles, shove ha’penny and barmaid bothering they’re pleased to call a Friday night.

Absent they may be in body (and quite possibly in mind by now), but I know they’d want us to wish all you lovely Bankstone News readers an outstandingly Merry Christmas and the very Happiest of New Years.

So we do!



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    Yes - the operator, Stacey, was able to answer my questions quickly and clearly for what is a process completely new and alien to me. At no point did I not think I had the full backing of my insurance company for what is turning out to be a stressful and traumatic time for me.
    Mr. B - Peterborough