The last thing Bankstone News would want is for you to spend your days and nights worrying that, right now, at this very minute, even as you worry, some b*stard is busy nicking stuff out of your car.

But, car leashing company UK Carline warned this week, that’s probably exactly what’s happening.

It’s all because alarming new statistics suggest that anything you leave in your car (while you’re not in it yourself) can and probably will get stolen.

There were no fewer than 831,000 incidents of vehicle-related crime reported in the UK last year, according to the above named vehicle leaking company. Which is a lot.

So you should be worried. Very worried indeed, in fact. But, as Bankstone News’ Guest Guru of the week Alan Watts once wisely said: none of us can count on a happy future. Bad stuff will inevitably happen.

So it’s no good walking round in a fantasy world where no-one is ever going to half inch all your gear out of your car.

We should all be vigilant, UK Caroline insist, ‘extra vigilant’ in fact. And of course that might help. But, then, who really has time to sit up all night watching their car, just in case some villain decides to go after the stuff they’ve left in it.

The best strategy if you don’t want stuff taken from your car is not to leave anything in it. Especially, don’t leave the kind of things most coveted by car contents thieves (CCTs). According to OK Caroline these include car radios (31% theft popularity score), and Sat Navs (13%). Weirdly, shopping bags are also highly coveted (17% TPS), perhaps because most shops now charge 10p for them.

Ultimately, however, even if you take everything out of your car (including fiddly things like the stereo and speakers and stuff), it won’t necessarily stop you being targeted by CCTs.

OK Carpline note that 26% of motorists believe their stuff will be safe if its not on display. CCTs know this, so they’ll smash in your windows just to see what you’ve got in the glove box.

But, as Guest Guru Alan argues in The Wisdom of Insecurity, maybe we should all forget about the worrying and the vigilance and all that nonsense, because “if we cannot live happily now without an assurance of future happiness, we are certainly not adapted to living in a finite world where, despite the best laid plans, bad things happen, we suffer and death comes at the end.”

So, obviously, don’t leave your knock-off D&G sunnies on dash-top display (someone might think they’re real), don’t leave (for example) your prized collection of vintage gentlemen’s magazines on the passenger seat in a bright yellow Selfridges bag, etc etc.

But when it comes down to the end of the day, life’s too short to spend your whole time worrying about those pesky CCTs.



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