We had a bumper old crop of entries to last week’s caption competition. Ultimately the judges decided the star prize of a slap-up meal for one at local gastronomic hotspot Taste of Gandhi should go to regular reader Omar Head of Automotive Solutions Systems in Bingley for his memorable if sadly entirely unprintable suggestion.

Honourable mentions must also go to Cathy Galvin of Thorneycrofts who very nearly won, partly thanks to the cunning ruse of submitting not one but two entries and employing high-level desk-top-publishing skills to realise both her submissions in a highly professional manner (see example reproduced below), to Mike Hall for his “Hmm… smells a bit fishy. Almost good enough to eat” and to Pete Aitkenhead for an entry which, unless we badly misconstrued it, may very well have been almost as hilariously disturbing as Omar’s ultimate winner.

Thanks, as well, to all you others who took the time to write in with your suggestions. We’re not saying your entries were bad. They just weren’t as good as the ones mentioned above. Although, some of them really weren’t that great, were they, if you’re honest with yourself? In fact a few of them were pretty dismal. It’s good that you had a go and all, but maybe next time don’t bother, eh? You’re just wasting everybody’s time and making yourself look foolish.

Just saying!

Bankstone Caption Competition 2

For the record, just to reassure all current and potential business partners of Bankstone and its affiliates: Mr Tysoe is a thoroughly competent, if somewhat hilarity-prone, business executive; there is nothing remotely fishy about Bankstone’s annual accounts (not this year, anyway), and we would never dream of putting this fool in charge of them (the book in front of Mr T is, in reality, a perfectly harmless Disaster Recovery Plan he’s just spent 10 minutes knocking out).


    What our clients say about us

    Friendly staff who first was concerned about me (the policy holder)following an accident prior to taking vehicle details, which was nice
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