Wouldn’t it be fascinating, thought self-serve car sales supersite wazzle.co.uk, to find out which UK county has the highest concentration of swanky motors. Working with the unprecedented quantities of data now being harvested from the vast numbers of punters attempting to offload their pre-loved rides via wazzle.co.uk, that question can finally be answered.

Cambridgeshire, reported motor trade bible Bodyslop Magazine this week, is the “classy car capital of the UK.” For the sake of disambiguation, Bankstone News should point out that this doesn’t necessarily mean the Fenlands are awash with E-Types, Ghiblis, Dinos, DB5s and 911s. It means that Cambridgeshire cars are typically a bob or two pricier than other counties’ cars – the ones on sale, at least.

The average price of cars on sale in Cambridgeshire, allegedly is £36,358: twice as much as in neighbouring counties like Norfolk, Suffolk, and Lincolnshire. Wazzle founder Sébastien Duffle said he got the idea for this fascinating statistical study when someone in London uploaded their Lamborghini Gallardo for sale.

Amazingly, however, Seb says, London isn’t the place with the priciest cars for sale. Not even close. That place is Ely, Cambridgeshire, former last resort of 11th century rebel Hereward the Rake who defied the might of William the Bastard, England’s premier Norman ruler, and went on to ransack Peterborough Cathedral, armed only with a garden tool.

More surprisingly still, close on Cambridgeshire’s heels comes godforsaken Gloucester, twinned with Mordor, home of Fred West, random street thuggery, 1970s town planning, and the 2015 award for worst place to live in the UK (a title to which it beat Rochdale, Blackpool, Newport and Burnley).

Those who know the place may be less surprised. They’ll know that Gloster Man will happily live in any old hovel, so long as there’s a spanking new hot hatch / “classy” exec saloon (depending on marital status) on the drive outside.

Where in the UK are there fewest “classy cars” according to the Wazzle data? It’s The Val-leys, unsurprisingly, where cars are so cheap no one even bothers trying to buy or sell them anymore. But that should quickly change once this whole Brexit business comes to fruition and there’s no more EU red tape to hold back South Wales’ once proud industrial communities.

Then we’ll see some automotive classiness returning. No mistake.



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