As winter wanes and spring springs, a motoring man’s thoughts inevitably turn to motoring. One such hombre of the highway is Bankstone News’ sometime motoring correspondent Christopher Belgian, who’s fairly raring to get back in the saddle, so to speak, and put another of our readers’ rides through its paces.

You may remember how young Christopher beat off some pretty stiff competition last year to clinch the coveted role of Bankstone News test drive correspondent. You may remember also his memorable trip down to Asda in a Chrysler Ypsilon. Or not, whatever.

Anyway, the thing of it is, we need someone to lend us their motor so the Belgemeister can tool about in it a bit and record his thoughts thereupon for the edification of you, our beloved readers. So if you’d like to volunteer – and you’re not too worried about the odd dink or scratchlet – please email us by clicking here.

Simply tell us where and when you’re vehicle will be available and we’ll have CB over there with his driving gloves and sensible shoes to she what she can do!

Then all you need do is sit back, relax (no music this time, sorry) and wait for Christopher’s considered thoughts to feature in a forthcoming issue of Bankstone News.

Following some complaints that his previous contribution was rendered just a tad incomprehensible due to our over-faithful phonetic-style reproduction of CB’s bizarre regional accent, we’re getting it translated this time, so you might even be able to understand what he’s going on about.

Incidentally, if anyone knows what a ‘babber’ is  please let us know!



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