As any property developer worth his or her salt will tell you for nothing, the thing to do with your heritage is build on it. And that, coincidentally, is precisely what Equity Insurance Group claims to have done by rebranding itself as “ERS”.

The new name is an abbreviated capitulation of the Equity Red Star name the company bore whilst still directly under Soviet control, but is pronounced, Bankstone News assumes, like the barkingly monosyllabic ejaculation occasionally employed by Father Jack as an alternative to Drink! and/or Girls!

With its spanking new name and logo, ERS commercial director Samuel Hudsucker claimed, there can be no longer be the slightest doubt what the company is all about. “We are re-positioning our brand as ERS so that we can be absolutely clear on what we stand for,” he insisted mysteriously, adding, as referenced above, that the company’s new ‘look’ “builds on our heritage and expertise as well as showing confidence in our future.”

The last part of that, if you think about it, probably does make sense. After all, you would hardly go blowing all your hard earned cash on a swanky new “look” if you didn’t expect to be around for another year or two.

Whether cheering on the company’s five-a-side team with cries of “Up the ERS!” will go down entirely well, however – or even potentially infringe some kind of copyright held by supporters of a formerly successful North London Premiership side – remains to be seen.



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