Ever wondered how to make people ‘poke up their ears’? Come on, of course you have! Well, it’s actually not as hard as you might imagine. All you need to do is enter Insurance Ache’s Broker Apprentice competition and, ideally, win it.

That’s right: according to last year’s winner Charlie Barley, clinching the much coveted title of Broker Apprentice 2015 will quite literally catapult your profile to a point a bit higher than where it was previously.

So if you’re sick of people seeing you as just some bloke (or some bird, obviously. Sorry Ladies!), then entering Broker Apprentice 2016 could be your ticket to being taken seriously at last.

Barley said winning BA15 “has sort of boosted me into a position where people actually poke up their ears and listen a little bit.” So if you are a broker, or if you think you could get away with pretending to be one for a week or two, why not apply now!

Let’s face it, what have you got to lose! At worst you’ll be wasting a few more days of an already largely wasted life and submitting yourself to the hostile glare of sustained public ridicule. On the plus side, you could find ears suddenly poking up wherever you go. Not to mention: you’ll be doing us all a favour by providing some much-needed free entertainment on the insurance world’s closest equivalent to reality TV.

Even if you don’t win, there could still be major benefits. Broker Apprentice 2015 loser, Emma Garishly says that just being in the competition could defy the laws of geometery by giving your CV an extra edge. Plus, she admits coyly, she’s seen (BA judge) Mike L Orrance of insurers L=V3, a couple of times since they met on the set of BA15.

If you’re thinking of entering, past master Charlie Barley has some helpful advice. “Use your eyes and ears” he says (ears loom large in the world of Barley). But, he warns, be wary of going in with your mouth. “Don’t go bragging about any ideas you’ve got,” he cautions sagely.

Unsuccessful candidate Emma G, offers some further advice in a similar vein, telling would-be contestants “If you have an idea don’t be afraid to go with it. Before I did the Broker Apprentice if I had ideas I would always be quite wary about pushing them. I’d always be worried that I would get knocked back. But I am a lot more confident now with putting ideas forward.”

So there you have it! What are you waiting for? What have you got to lose? Did we say that already?



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