Bankstone News is in a bit of a funny mood this week. It was all going so well until Wednesday when we happened to notice that leading industry publication Insurance Egg had surreptitiously snuck Episode 3 of Broker Apprentice onto its website. Initial glee at the prospect of another helping of our favourite online reality show, quickly turned to puzzlement, shortly followed by the classic sequence of denial (it’s not boring it’s just tackling some complex and challenging themes), anger (why have heavy-handed sponsors Zurg Insurance been allowed to hi-jack the entire episode to showcase their dismally uninspiring WTF Grading App?), bargaining (if we watch it another couple of times, will its subtle charms gradually reveal themselves?), depression (there goes any good last week’s show did the cause of attracting new recruits to the insurance industry) and acceptance (what did we really expect: we are talking about insurance after all).

At the end of the day, there really is but a single way about it: Broker Apprentice has badly lost its way. There’s nothing here to stir even the vaguest frisson of interest or pleasure. Last week’s recap at the top of show is the stand out highlight. Thereafter, once a boffin has extolled the algorithmic joys of Zurg’s patent WTF Grading risk assessment tool and the lovely Natalie has been foisted on Team Bro Kode, thereby diluting its essential Brosomeness (Team Bro Coed?), the episode descends into a Blair Witch style handheld stumble round the bowels and rooftop crannies of Haymarket House, West End home of Insurance Egg and various other prestigious tenants.  The good news for “eyes and ears” Manu Kenning and Jonno Swifty is that their workplace appears to be in no immediate danger of bursting into flames. The bad news is that Bankstone News and doubtless many other previously eager BA fans have just wasted 20 minutes of their lives finding this out.

Come on Broker Apprentice, you can do better than this!



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