September 11, 2016

Cynics may doubt HMG’s appetite for replacing all those dubious foreign laws we introduced whilst languishing in the Babylonian captivity of the EU, but changed those laws must be!

That’s certainly the view of Jon Wilshire, chief underwiring officer of Sheilaz Wheelz the would-be ladies-only motor insurer, and presumably the view of the 51% of the UK population he represents.

Thanks to some nonsensical EU directive brought in back in December 2012, insurers have been forced to treat all applicants for motor insurance equally, regardless of sex.

That’s clearly bad news for females, who, whilst completely unable to reverse into a parking space without somebody filming their pitiful efforts and posting it online, have fewer and less expensive accidents than blokes.

Until the government throws out this ridiculous foreign legislation, ladies will continue to pay as much as £221 pa over the odds for their car insurance. Sex equality’s all very well – but not when you’re the sex that’s losing out financially!

Campaigners urging government to replace the EU’s hated red tape with more forgiving domestically produced red-white-and-blue tape insist we need to crack on with tearing down laws like the Euro sex directive, a typical example, according to Sheilaz Jon, of “the EU going mad with silly laws that do not make sense.”

Stepping gallantly to the defence of young female drivers who find their pockets or purses or whatever they have especially disadvantaged by the rampant ineptitude of their young male counterparts, Jon says “With the UK leaving the EU we have an opportunity to remove this unnecessary layer of legislation and enable insurers to price for the individual motorist.”

Surely, faint-hearted Europpeasers will argue, this will have to wait until after Brexit (whenever that may be). Maybe not! Why not simply start turning a blind eye when insurers choose to do a bit of sex discrimination on the quiet. After all, what are those interfering foreigners going to do? Throw us out of the EU?!

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