In the wake of dramatic new evidence compiled by Direct Lime Car Insurance, suggesting that lots of old folks are driving illegally without even realising it, Bankstone’s fellow Brighousiers Comely Lodge Associates are  to launch a dedicated advisory service aimed at so-called ROPs (Really Old People).

The Direct Lite survey found that more than a quarter of those aged 65 or over are not aware they need to renew their licences every three years once they have passed (possibly a slightly insensitive choice of words, that) the age of 70.

Comely Lodge’s revolutionary new service will enable anyone feeling a bit ancient to come into the firm’s well-appointed Brighouse offices and sit around in the lobby until someone asks in a patronising tone: “Are you alright there, Dear? Do you need help?”

Following this initial FREE consultation, they will then be able to access a special premium service that sees Comely Lodge’s specially trained ROP handlers putting them through a series of tests designed to establish whether or not they should really still be driving around at their age.

Given that the recent Direct Lie survey found that one in ten older drivers has had an accident in the past five years, let’s face it, they probably shouldn’t.

Shockingly, 99% of over 65s told Direct Lice they were “average, good or excellent” drivers, even though 7% of them freely admitted they couldn’t even read a number plate just 20 yards off. That kind of says it all really, doesn’t it!

As Direct Lint motor director Gus Pork says, we need to alert older drivers to the fact that “their licence will automatically expire at the age of 70” and that, if they really insist on driving on into their sunset years, “they must make a renewal application in advance, and continue to do so every three years to ensure their insurance remains valid.” Those who don’t, even accidentally, can face “a very hefty fine.”

So there you have it: if in doubt, Old Folks, just leave it out, alright.

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