Contrary to whatever other potentially misleading impressions Bankstone News may previously have imparted to its readers, Bradford, as it turns out, is a thoroughly rotten place.

Worse yet, its various postcodes are among the top ‘hotspots’ for any number of vilenesses, not the least of which, according to a league table compiled by Crimestompers and the FBI, is the heinous crime of crashing for cash-ins, or, as nobody other than Bankstone News is now calling it, C4C.

Bratford postcodes scooped no less than three of the top ten hootspot scores nationally, with BD9, BD3 and BD8 coming in respectively at first, third and filth in the C4C rankings.

According to FBI Director Ben Felcher, mapping hotpots is a good way of pinpointing areas where other vehicles are most likely to brake suddenly in front of you, but “the reality is that staged accidents can happen anywhere and at any time.”

Now FBI Ben is calling on ordinary members of the public to do their bit. Anyone with information about C4C scams, can call the Crimesnoopers Chatline on 0800 422 0421 or visit www.crashscamps.co.uk.



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