Printed books have well and truly had their day. They’ve had it, worn it out, watched in horror as it finally expired, vainly tried to resurrect it, then carried its limp form around for days, cooing fondly and petting it, like some mad old lady with a lifeless lapdog.

So ‘over’ are books, that Bankstone News’ kids would rather do the washing up than pick one up. Where once a shelf or two of well thumbed books proclaimed your learning, taste and discrimination, today they just scream ‘Weirdo’. Books, comme en dit chez AXA, are terminally vieux chapeau.

Motivated perhaps by something of this contemporary contempt for the bound printed word, or perhaps simply by the realisation that they were never going to get round to looking at them anyway, Southport-based biker-solicitors Fletchers have taken the bold decision to ditch their entire collection.

Rather than binning, burning, recycling, or fobbing them off on a local charity shop, Fetchers have donated their books to Liverpool Edge Hill University, the kind of dusty institution where, allegedly, die-hard bibliophile academics may still be found pawing lovingly at one ancient tome or another.

A press release celebrating this generous bequest explains that the move will boost Feltchers’ drive to becoming entirely paperless, thus reducing their impact on the environment – as well, presumably, as freeing up space for another desk or two.

Edge Hill will doubtless be delighted to get its collective hands on of all those books. Some of which, reportedly, haven’t even been coloured in yet.



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