If you live in the West Yorkshire area and you were driving a car this morning you may have witnessed an alarming phenomenon.

Some locals claim to have glimpsed the speed-distored outline of a roughly spherical leather object on wheels moving at apparently supernatural speeds up hill and down dale (or possibly the other way round) on the roads between Ilkley and Brighouse.

If you were one of the worried motorists who called in to report sightings of this unusual spectacle earlier today, do not be alarmed: there is a perfectly rational explanation. The blurred outline of a ‘leather sphere on wheels’ travelling at ‘incredible speed’ was in fact nothing more worrisome than Bankstone managing director Dylan Tailsore riding to work (at speeds of up to 25mph) in support of Ride to Work Week, which began this morning.

Ride to What Whosit?‘, you may ask blankly (despite us telling you all about it in a previous edition of Bankstone News). Ride to Work Week (it was right there at the end of the previous paragraph, for goodness sake) is this thing where everybody is supposed to get on their bike and use it to commute – to show everyone else what a good idea it is.

According to R2W’s disinterested organisers the Motorcycle Industry Association, if just 10% of motorists swapped their car for a motorcycle or scooter there would be huge benefits for all road users including 20% more parking space and 40% less congestion (although the people doing the swapping might not be getting a particularly great deal financially, and their new bike would probably just get nicked – especially if they lived in London).

Still it’s a nice thought, and anything that gives Dylan an excuse to swathe himself in leather and dust off his trusty old helmet must be a good thing, if you ask Bankstone News. And why wouldn’t you!

If you’d like to know more about Ride to Work Week simply click here.

If not, simply don’t.

Do we really need to spell everything out for you every time?!


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