If there’s one thing everyone’s been talking about non-stop over the past few days* it is surely BIBA’s newly published 2014 Manifesto.

The front cover of this year’s eagerly awaited document is cunningly disguised as a brown paper envelope. This, on closer inspection, turns out to be a reference – not to bribery or anything dodgy like that – but to the document’s overarching theme of ‘delivery’.

BIBA’s new manifesto trumpets its intention of “delivering’ for consumers, ”delivering” for business and “delivering” for the insurance industry. Which sounds suitably butch and purposeful, until one pauses to reflect that many of the things BIBA promises to deliver may not be entirely or uniquely under its own control.

For example, the manifesto commits BIBA to “delivering an appropriate regulatory system.” It is less than clear exactly where and how BIBA will be delivering its “appropriate regulatory system” or indeed what view the incumbent insurance regulatory authorities will take of this initiative.

In total, the word delivering appears no fewer than 47 times across the 36 page document, with a fair smattering of  ‘deliver’ and ‘delivers’ thrown in for good measure.

Among the things BIBA undertakes to deliver are the following:

‘a competitive tax system’
‘a fair compensation system’
the above mentioned ‘appropriate regulatory system’
‘competitive business rates for UK companies’

Busy year ahead, for BIBA then.

As for Bankstone News, if we ever hear the word delivering again it will be a good deal too soon.


* Disambiguation: there isn’t.



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