You may be aware that Bankstone News shares the first part of its name with a company called Bankstone. But did you also know that Bankstone has a website and that you are currently looking at a bit of it called “News”?

No? Well, now you do!

In fact, there a quite a few “pages” on the Bankstone website. On some of them you can learn about – for example – how Bankstone professionally handles insurance claims on behalf of people like brokers, insurers, and other claims companies.

This week Bankstone News’ reporters went inside the the Bankstone website to bring you the inside story of what goes on inside the Bankstone professional claims handling empire.

Here’s what we found out.

When they’re not playing host to vaguely satirical weekly newsletters and so on, Bankstone are actually really good at handling claims professionally. You can tell this because their website is literally littered with glowing testimonials from people saying how brilliant they are. And it’s not just real people who are saying this. It’s people who work in proper companies and everything.

We also discovered that Bankstone can handle all kinds of different claims like motorcycle claims, motor claims, cycle claims (probably – although it doesn’t actually say that – just seems logical, really), commercial motor claims, and other claims services claims. So basically when it comes to claims, they really are the business.

The reason they can do all this is because it turns out they are committed to excellence in accident claims management. Bankstone News can only applaud this, because we too are committed to excellence in… well, something or other. It’ll probably come to us in a bit. It might be speed-eating pickled eggs, actually. Or belching the entire alphabet (except for U – and, let’s face it, who can burp a U?).

Anyway, if you haven’t already had a look round the Bankstone website, we strongly suggest you do so at once. That’s all from us for now. So, until next time, be good out there, and if you can’t be good, be careful. If you can’t even be careful, then frankly you’re beyond our help.

We’ll be back next week with the final thrilling instalment of Davey Sim, Motoring Correspondent, in which we see our hero heading south in a golf cart or something.

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