If there’s one thing Bankstone News takes seriously (which surely can’t be too extravagant an exaggeration), that thing, Dear Reader, is your right to privacy.

That’s why we were so delighted when those unelected meddling bureau-numpties in Brussels insisted the UK enact legislation that fully reflects Bankstone News’ own long-established absolute commitment to keeping your private information exactly that (i.e. private, see above).

The EU’s General Data Prevention Regulation (GPRD) – now enshrined in UK law via the Date Protection Act 2018 – means that persons wishing to bother people with tedious self-promotional emails can no longer use those handy lists of insurance types that that organisers of the BIBA conference used to overshare each year.

From now on, anyone you’re intending to e-bother must have given their express permission for you to do so. And, even if you’re not bothering them right now, you’re not allowed to keep their details on file on the off-chance you might want to bother them later.

Aside from giving rise to a pestilent mailstorm of increasingly desperate opt-in requests in the run up to the DPA’s 23 May launch date (we spared you one of those – for reasons that will soon become apparent), the GRDP has proved unpopular because, no sooner had business people learned that data is power and big date is big power, than some garlic-breathed busybody was telling them they weren’t allowed to have any. Not unless they were Faceboot, Googol, Wikileeks or Cambridge Analerotica or somebody.

Happily, Bankstone News has never had much time for data. The less we know about anyone – or anything for that matter – the happier we are.

Now, obviously, we need to know your email. Otherwise we couldn’t fulfil our primary mission of sending you (from time to time) the invaluable source of irrefutable knowledge, wit and wisdom on all things motor-insurance-related that is Bankstone Newt. But that’s about as far as our interest in your private information goes.

We don’t care when your insurance renews, where you live, what you earn, what car you drive, why you are never again allowed within 10 miles of Oldham, or even when your birthday is (although we’ll listen politely if you feel the need to tell us – and then immediately delete any record thereof in case you’re expecting a present or something).

No, your email is all we care about. And even then, we only want your email if it’s going to be a beautiful consensual thing and you actively want us to know your email.

That’s why we’ve swept the Bankstone News mailing list squeaky shining clean of all email addresses whose owners haven’t knowingly signed up to read this nonsense (or at least receive it in their inboxes).

In the process, we identified and expunged hundreds, if not thousands, of addresses on our system that belonged to temporary, fictitious or abandoned accounts, to people who had never once clicked on one of our stories (they’ll never know what they were missing now!) and people who, frankly, we don’t even like or who otherwise don’t deserve to have our precious info-pearls cast before them.

So there you have it: new improved GPRD-compliant Bankstone News. We trust you’ll approve of our exemplary commitment to keeping private things private and not so much as dabbling in data abuse.

If, however, you’re still not feeling sufficiently ‘private’ and/or you’ve become bitter and jaded and no longer wish to know the truth about all things motor-insurance-related, simply click the unsubscribe thingy and you’ll never hear from us again.

Not only that, but we guarantee we’ll erase every trace of your ever having existed.

Now, you can’t say fairer than that, can you!


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