Consult your handsome leather-bound Floyd’s of London desktop diary and you will at once be in a position to confirm that, just as we are about to tell you, June 20 sees the start of Insurance Charities Awareness Week, one annual tradition that is very much more honoured in the observance than the breach.

Bankstone will be doing its bit, so to speak, by displaying what’s known as a ‘box’ in a prominent place around the office somewhere (probably the reception area, if you really want specifics – although no final decision has as yet been taken).

The box in question will contain a variety of items designed, as the Insurance Charities publicity materials put it, to be “useful and enjoyable” and to appeal to “as many people as possible.”

If we told you the box will contain “tissue packs, chocolates, pens and leaflets”, that would hardly begin to convey the full utility and enjoyment potential the box contains.

The leaflets, for example, are “not just leaflets”. No, indeed, far from it: “with a couple of folds and tears along the perforated lines they can become a bookmark and a business card.”

Bankstone will be urging (possibly even compelling) its staff to avail themselves fully of the myriad possibilities for good cause supportage presented by this miraculous box and its multifarious contents.

After all, it’s worth remembering that – for all the joy insurance brings to the lives of those it touches – some current and former insurance people can still find themselves left out, left alone, or left behind, with seemingly nowhere to turn for support…

That’s where Insurance Charities comes in.

Set up over 100 years ago, the Insurance Charities supports people who’ve worked in the insurance industry, providing everything from financial assistance to welfare breaks, activities, advice and support to everyone from PAs to CEOs (i.e. not just CEO’s PAs, but PAs, CEOs and everyone in between).

If you would like to help support the Insurance Charities, and maybe even get a box of your own, check out their website at www.theinsurancecharities.org.uk or see their pages at www.facebook.com/TheInsuranceCharities/ or uk.linkedin.com/in/TheInsuranceCharities.

Let’s face it, you’ve done your share of taking out. Now’s the time to start putting something back in.

They say charity begins at home. Well, insurance charity begins with charitable insurance people. And that means you!

Unless it doesn’t.


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