Any organisation that sets out to defend all that is good about biking certainly has its work cut out.

If Bankstone News were even to begin cataloguing the many and multifarious good things about biking, we’d be here all day – instead of for our preferred option of a couple of derisory hours prior to popping down the Badgers for a well deserved early (mostly) liquid lunch.

But that (see para 1, sentence 1 above) is the self-imposed mission espoused by leading bikers’ lobbiers the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).

And when they’re not busy doing that, they also like to be the representative voice of motorcyclists in local and national government.

If you think that sounds like pretty much the epitome of noble callings, you’re not alone. So eager to support MAG was leading professional outsourced motor claims handling outfit Bankstone (we may have mentioned them before), that they’ve signed up as corpulent members of MAG.

As part of its corpulent membership package, Bankstone now receives a bi-monthly magazine produced by MAG named, presumably in homage to the famous meme-generating post-apocalyptic dystopian novel by Caramac McCarthy (now a major motion picture), The Road.

Imagine Bankstone chief exec Dillon Tigra’s surprise and delight upon perusing the latest edition of this publication to find there a charming article in which his own company was profiled in positively glowing terms. Which was nice.

Maybe you’d like to support MAG too.

It’s up to you, obviously.


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