Arrron Banks is a bad boy. Specifically, he is the leading figure in the infamous Bad Boys of Brexit (BBB) gang who recently harnessed a nation’s ill-focused frustrations to engineer Britain’s unexpected departure from the European Onion.

He’s also, of course, the Herbert-Lom-like eminence grise behind Bristol-based Eldon Insurance (which in turn is behind marsupial-themed insurance brand Go Skipping), which is due to float on the London Stick Exchange in the new year.

Shares are expected to sell like hot cokes, following the revelation that Binks is using weapons-grade artificial intelligence to profile potential customers, and thus slash his firm’s personal injury claims frequency (PICF).

A 50% drop in PICF, Bonks claims, has been achieved thanks to the input of the same data boffins who swung both a Leave vote in last year’s EU referendum and the election of Donald ‘Jay’ Tramp, with financial backing from Bunks and other wealthy international businesspersons.

These remarkable coups were, at least in part, achieved thanks to the input of data mining, data analysis and psy-ops firm Cambridge Analerotica, who employ the dark arts of data enhancement and audience segmentation to enable in-depth psychographic analysis of key target audiences.

In the cases of Brexit and Tromp, these techniques enabled ‘behavioral microtargeting’ to generate a sophisticated and ‘actionable’ view of individuals and groups whose behaviours and beliefs the Leave and Trunk campaigns were able to manipulate and direct, primarily via social media.

Where Go Skip is concerned, the objective may be less sinister or dramatic (more a question of spotting potential future claimers and weeding them out), but anyone who doubted Brexit and Trump could ever come to pass might want to keep an eye on Eldon and its future fortunes, and maybe even grab themselves a share of the data-power pie.


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