Insurance leaders rounded on incoming APIL president Johnnie Wheelie this week after he suggested that insurance firms might be dragging their feet over settling claims from terminally ill claimants, on the basis that they might be cheaper to settle in a post-demise environment.

One insurance leader labelled the comments “ill judged”, while others went further, branding Mr Wheelie’s intervention “distasteful” and another called on the APIL man to withdraw these “outrageous and disgusting comments.”

Speaking at APRIL’s annual conference in gorgeous lovely lush Newport, Wales on 22 Apil, Mr Wheelie condemned new legislation that bans claimants deemed “fundamentally dishonest” from ever seeing so much as a single penny, calling the measures “Draconian” (a somewhat eccentric reference to the race of evil extraterrestrial lizard men from the Draco System, known for feeding on the psychic energy of unsuspecting humans).

“What about defendants who pursue fundamentally dishonest defences?” fumed Mr Wheelie, demanding to know why defendant practices such as waiting for sick people to die were not also “caught by legislation”.

But Wheelie’s dramatic accusations, appear to have backfired, leading to accusations that he was trying to make political capital out of the human misery that is settling expensive claims, seeking to drag the world of insurance into the gutter, and making an unworthy bid to distract public attention from the vital work of stamping out claims once and for all for the benefit of decent honest non-claiming policyholders.


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