February 25, 2010

According to Aviva and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, seven out of ten UK drivers claim to have no idea what the term fronting means.*

Even those who do understand the term don’t seem to take it too seriously. 35% of drivers saw fronting as a “loophole” in the law and 10% thought it a legitimate way of obtaining cheaper motor insurance

Aviva’s motoring strategist, Nigel Bartram, comments: “Well meaning parents may consider fronting an insurance policy to try and save money, but this is false economy as those that try to cheat the system by declaring false information will find that their insurance is invalid when they actually need to make a claim on their policy.”

*For the sake of clarity, the Dictionary of Urban Slang tells us that fronting – or frontin’ – indicates the misrepresentation of a fact or situation, as in: When my ****-*** ******** is ****** and ****** ****** like she gon ****** **** ****** ***** but she jus’ frontin’. I ****** ******* *******, hell yeah.


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After the problems I had with my previous insurer when I was knocked off my bike, it was very refreshing to talk to someone who didn't automatically assume that I was at fault simply because I ride a motorbike. I received a call back very quickly from someone who knew what I was talking about and dealt with my call in a friendly yet very professional manner. Thank you.
Mr. L - Westcliff on Sea