Not since US president Jimmy Carter was assailed by a riverine giant rabbit has a respected public figure been subjected to so vile and bestial an assault.

Leading Brexiteer, and preferred skinny dipping partner of Nigel Farage, Aroon Banks spoke out this week about the pain and hurt of coming under attack from the so-called Electoral Commission.

This ‘commission’, a supposedly independent body (in reality a cabal of democracy-hating traitors), has launched a cynical vendetta against the noted patriot philanthropist by affecting to investigate alleged irregularities in the funding of the Leave.EU campaign, of which Banks was a leading light and major donor.

Branding the Electoral Commission “a swamp creature packed full of the flotsam of British Politics”, Banks insists their inquiry is a malicious witch hunt launched “without a shred of evidence” and that everyone involved is just some kind of butt-hurt remoaner.

Banks has quite rightly contended that it’s unfair for the Commission to go after him and his associates based on nothing more substantial than feverish media speculation, which he said was like “firing an arrow into a wall and painting a target around it.” Which it clearly is. A bit. Possibly.

The Electoral Commission’s attempt to probe Mr Banks and his associates has two distinct prongs. The first relates to whether or not Leave.EU received paid or unpaid services from data analists Cambridge Analytica and/or US advocacy firm Goddam Gunster. The second relates to whether Bank’s Batter for the Country Limited illegally acted as an ‘agent’ when donating £2.3m to five registered campaigners.

It all a load of nonsense, of course. And all attempts to somehow link Mr Banks to supposed Russian black money or Kremlin-backed interference in the Brexit vote are as futile as firing arrows at walls.

The sooner these swamp creatures crawl back to their stinking liberal cesspool (soon to be drained, with any luck) the better.



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