If you are looking for people who are wider and simpler, Doncaster is a good place to start. If, on the other hand, you are looking for commercial legal protection that is wider and simpler, Bristol is your best bet.

For it is there in the former home of John Cabot, Isambard KB and the triangular traders of yore, that you will find legal servicing specialist ARAG, and it is they who have recently launched what is widely believed to be simply the widest, simplest suite of commercial legal protection products ever.

How have the Bristolian lawmen made their Essential Business Legal, Absolute Business Legal and Employment Practices Liability policies so simple? Simple: by rewriting them and upgrading them. Simple, that is, when you know how!

Maybe they’ve ditched some benefits to make their suite of commercial legal protection products simpler, you might suspect? No, they haven’t!

“All previous benefits continue or are improved,” ARAG revealed excessively to Bankstone News and other selected recipients of their latest press release, “including fees payable at Employment Tribunals and Appeals, plus loss of earnings cover, while additional cover differentiates the policies from those of competitors.”

They’ve also added things like a crisis communications helpline and insurance cover to all three policies AS STANDARD!

You might think all that additional cover makes things less simple, but it doesn’t! It just adds to the width!

“It really is all about width and simplicity right now,” commented style commentator Peter Samples. “ARAG are bang on the money with this latest suite of commercial legal protection products. They’ve taken all the complexity and narrowness we were seeing a few years back and blown it wide open.”

Nice work ARAG, we say here at Bankstone News. Presumably they’ll soon be picking up some kind of award for this before too long.



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