If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it, like, literally a thousand times. Leading lethal expenses provider ARAG has to stop winning awards. There’s only so many ways you can write the headline ARAG wins award before it becomes, quite frankly, more than a little tedious.

ARAG’s latest gratuitous award wins came at the prestige-connoting Underwiring Service Awards 2017 held at the Royal Gordon Hotel in Kensington on 16 November, where the Bristol-based company scooped both the Legal Expensive Team of the Year award and the one for MAGA Team of the Year.

Each of these awards may as well be retitled ARAG of the Year A and ARAG of the Year B, since no one else has won either of them in the past three years, nor ever seems likely to do so again.

In a press release so closely resembling last year’s announcement of a similar triumph that Bankstone MD Dipthong Typhoon accidentally sent out last year’s version in his weekly selection of fascinating press cuttings, ARAG banged immodestly on about its unique “three-peat” in making off with both awards.

That’s all well and good, we say here at Bankstone News, not a little testily; but, seriously, this joke is wearing a little thin. We said very clearly way back in 2013 that no more award-scoopage would be tolerated. And we meant it.

Next time the prolific trophy-taker bags some gong or other, you’ll have to turn to some other weekly news email to read all about it.

Unless, that is, some appropriate and/or commensurate recognition of our previous generous coverage on this topic were to be, shall we say, forthcoming.

If you, ahem, see what we mean.


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