Insurers have struck a major blow against so-called doctors who go round claiming that people will be off work for months on end as a result of non-existent non-medical condition so-called whiplash (which isn’t even a real thing, by the way).

Classical Greek insurance company Ageas accused so-called doctor G. P. Grace-Curly of deliberately inflating recovery times (as if there were anything to recover from!) for so-called soft-tissue injuries resulting from motor vehicle accident impact scenarios or MVAISs as they are known (pronounced like the French word for bad).

It turns out that Grace-Curly was knocking out sick notes (or Medical Eagle Reports as they are known in fancy circles) indicating an average 14 months recovery time, when the going rate is just eight months. Agean was claiming £100,000 in costs from Dr Grace-Curly for unfairly costing them money.

Clearly the inflationary ‘doctor’ had little by way of legs to stand on, as her lawyers agreed with Agean’s to settle for £40k and call it quits. Hopefully, the action sends a strong message to other so-called Medical Eagle Reportists that above-average recovery time estimates will not be tolerated and that compensation will be sought for any resulting out of pocketness experienced by insurers.

Agean bloke Andrew “Andy” Watson said he hoped the action and its outcome would discourage “hyped up claims”. Impressively, Agean wasn’t even bringing the case on its own behalf – but for the benefit of its customers: ”Disrupting Dr Kerali’s medico-legal work,” Andy said, “provides definite financial benefit to customers.”

And, let’s face it, we could all use some definite financial benefit these days.



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