Whilst accidentally browsing US motor insurance news, Bankstone News inadvertently stumbled upon on a potential new front in the car insurance cost wars. “Get a girlfriend,” the article trumped, “save on car insurance.”

You can read it yourself if you insist – along with a lot of weirdly familiar stuff like ‘The idiots raising your car insurance,’ by clicking here. But basically it’s all about how Jesse from California saved himself $200 simply by adding his girlfriend to his auto insurance policy.

Of course, that’s it, Bankstone News eureka-ed! If you’re a callow sportswear-sporting motorsports obsessed youth with a suped-up pimped-out Seat Ibiza sitting on your (parents’) driveway on which you spend your every penny, all you need do to avoid the multi-thousand motor insurance premium is find a girl who’ll move in with you.

Ah, hang on, Bankstone News has spotted a flaw…


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