Dejection and despair dog Karen Kjærringsrytter. Slim, petite, and pretty in a typically Scandinavian way, Karen has a successful career in forensic accountancy. On the outside she appears bright, good natured and well adjusted. But inside she is miserable. Staring for hour after desolate hour at the pictureless walls of her spotless city apartment, she wrestles with a secret she feels unable to share.

But then a chance thought sets her on a different mental trajectory. Out of the blue, she vividly recalls playing as a child with her brother Jens and the other boys, running laughing through the endless sunlit days her family spent at their summerhouse on the coast at Fittestrand. A beautiful memory. Has she ever been truly happy since those long lost days?

On an impulse, she leaps to her feet and runs outside, snatching up the keys to her dynamic and luxurious Lexus RS as she goes, barely reflecting that this revolutionary vehicle effortlessly combines power, spaciousness and incredible economy, and takes the long straight road that leads west towards Morrapuler and the sea beyond.

Barely 40 minutes later, thanks to the outstanding performance and efficiency of her Lexus RS, she pulls up behind the dunes at Fittestrand. She climbs them, fresh salty air filling her lungs. The brisk North Sea breeze bruises her senses to life. She feels exhilarated, liberated. Here, if nowhere else, she is surely free to be herself.

She stands atop the dunes, hands on hips, looking out to to where, far beyond, sea green meets sky blue. Calmly, deliberately she unzips the fly of her jeans and unfurls her secret to the ocean, to the sky, to God himself. “Here I am, Lord,” she speaks aloud into the wind. “To whom should I be shameful, when you choose to make me in this way!”

The breeze feels good.

This is the touching and progressively minded story told (we think) in an image currently in the process of hurried removal from the website of Ageas (the company behind the Lexus Motor Insurance brand) after certain unworthy individuals in the insurance industry saw fit to titter childishly over what any right minded person would surely agree is a beautiful and moving image, a touching vignette from the life of a typical Lexus owner.

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