Tinder, as younger readers may already know, is an app that enables users to geo-locate other users, engage with them in a bit of lighthearted social interaction, and then possibly sh*g them.

Imagine Bankstone News’ consternation, then, on learning, from that unimpeachable source of sector-specific truth Insurance Aitch, that insurer Agean is planning to launch an app that does something similar – only with insurance.

Having identified through customer research that so-called Milliners (people born sometime between the 80s and the 00s) are only able to interface with the world via the medium of the mobile phone, Agean knew they needed to package their offer as an app and, you know, gameify it a bit.

The result is Back Me Up, an app which backs up users data and… no wait it doesn’t do that… hang on… just scanning the story again quickly… It lets young people pick any three things they own (technically any three ‘stuffs’) and ‘insure them’ for just £15 a month. It certainly sounds like fun!

“Tell your mates,” advises the official www.backmeup website. And kids are sure to want to do exactly that after they learn that you can “swipe” your stuffs or take pictures of them on your phone or something and then your insurance needs will be magically taken care of in the same way Tinder takes care of your ‘social’ needs.

It should prove a big hit with Milliners because there are apparently no penalties, no contract, and you can do as much swiping as you like. There are also exciting additional benefits. Like this: Don’t “freak out”, the site advises, if your mobile screen breaks, because Ageas will replace it free of charge once a year – even if the mobile isn’t one of your three stuffs.

Plus if you lose stuffs while on holiday (or rather on a ‘travel experience’), or if you get sick while you’re away, or you have your holiday cancelled, Ageas will foot the bill for that. And… they’ll spend £1,500 a month on getting you back into your flat each time you lose your keys.

Plus, plus, plus: you can bolt things on for just a few pounds a month, like having Ageas back you up if you get in a fight with your landlord, or you find yourself having a dangerous adventure, or you want to have someone come out and help whenever you’re in a vehicle breakdown scenario.

Basically it’s brilliant, and it makes young people want to buy insurance even if they don’t know what it is! Just because they can!

Back-Up man Paul Lymes explains: “Until now, Millennials have had to engage with the insurance industry on its terms.” No wonder they didn’t want anything to do with it! Now, with insurance that could easily be mistaken for a harmless game or dating app or whatever, “all that is set to change.”

So that’s great, really.

By the way, don’t bother trying to use the Back Me Up app if you’re old. A. You wouldn’t understand it. B. It’s only for those under 50. So if you’re eligible for Saga, just do one, alright, Grandpa/Grandma.



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